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Mon | Califans Heavyweight Cotton Washed Short Sleeve

Mon | Califans Heavyweight Cotton Washed Short Sleeve

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Product Overview: Califans Heavyweight Cotton Washed Short Sleeve Shirt

  • Material: Crafted from 8.8 oz, Heavyweight 100% Cotton

  • Origin: Proudly Made in China with fabric sourced locally, Califans captures the essence of Hip-hop culture, bringing Proclub-inspired fashion to the forefront of Streetwear.

  • Signature Style: Califans draws inspiration from Proclub's legacy, embracing its design aesthetics and upgrading fabric choices to deliver an enhanced streetwear experience for enthusiasts.
  • Classic Fit: Experience the classic fit with gracefully falling short sleeves and a timeless silhouette. The shirt drapes elegantly, complemented by a classic skinny crew neck that snugly hugs the neckline.

  • Legendary Collar: The ribbed knit collar, enhanced with Lycra, ensures a lasting tightness and shape, even after washing.

  • Durability: Califans ensures longevity with double-needle stitched sleeves, hem, and a covered neck with straps—promising resilience and enduring style.

  • Quality Assurance: Synonymous with quality, Califans guarantees garments that retain their shape, resisting stretching or sagging over time. Embrace casual style, premium materials, and neck comfort with every wear.

  • Fabric Care: To preserve the shirt's longevity, turn it inside out before washing. Optimal care involves a machine wash with warm or cold water and tumble drying on low heat. Califans pledges enduring quality for your streetwear journey.

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