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Mon | Shockscream Lightweight Bboy Vest

Mon | Shockscream Lightweight Bboy Vest

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Shockscream Lightweight Bboy Vest: Dance with Freedom, Stay in Style

  • Versatile Design: A versatile and simple piece of kit, perfect for Breaking Jam and Freestyle sessions.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Shockscream design promotes your body's flexibility in movement, allowing you to dance and stay in shape even during spinning conditions.

  • Contrasting Fabrics: The material is sewn in contrasting fabrics, paying homage to the classic Windrunner jacket.

  • Durable Outer Shell: The outer shell is made from a durable woven fabric that repels light rain, keeping your core dry.

  • Smooth Taffeta Lining: Smooth taffeta lining makes it easy to layer, adding comfort and style to your bboy routine.

Experience the freedom of movement and stay in style with the Shockscream Lightweight Bboy Vest—a perfect companion for your bboy activities. Hip-hop with confidence, Bboy with Shockscream.

2023 Collaboration: In a testament to its growing influence in the Bboy Community, Shockscream has become a proud partner of the INVINCIBLE BREAKING JAM competition in 2023.

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